Natural Bug Repellents by Allison Youtzy
No one likes getting mosquito bites, but that doesn’t stop many people from going outside to enjoy the nice summer weather. As many people know, Deet is the main ingredient in bug sprays and is actually not good for you, your young kids or pets (hello, its a chemical!). So here I will talk about three different natural bug repellents you can try out this summer to keep the mosquitoes away and have an enjoyable summer!

Planting Herbs
Planting different kinds of herbs in a garden, around a deck, or even just potting them can help keep unwanted bugs away in the summertime. The nice thing about herbs is some of them repel more than just mosquitoes. Here are four herbs you might think of planting this summer and what bugs they keep way:


Catnip: It might attract some neighborhood cats, but it will repel insects and bugs including, ants, beetles, cockroaches and mosquitoes.
Lavender: Repels, moths, scorpions, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes
Peppermint: Repels, ants, spiders, beetles, fleas, flies, mice, moths, mosquitoes, and more
Citronella: Repels mosquitoes

If you have pets always check to make sure these, or any other herbs, are safe for animals to be around.

Also, think of making your own bug spray with the herbs above! Here is an awesome homemade bug spray recipe we found using all the herbs mentioned above: https://dontwastethecrumbs.com/homemade-bug-spray-no-essential-oils/