Heart Awareness Day!

Did you know that someone in our country has a heart attack every 40 seconds?

You can take preventive measures, starting today!

  1. Be physically active!  We are a “sitting” society.  Stand up at your desk every 30 minutes.  Walk daily.  Try to get 10 minutes of vigorous exercise daily.  Manage your weight!
  2. Eat healthier!  Your Harding’s Market has plenty of Heart Healthy options.  Eat plenty of fruits, veggies & nuts.  Make reading labels a habit.  Take charge of your diet!  Manage your weight!
  3. Manage your stress!  Aim at 7-8 hours of sleep nightly.  Stop smoking.  Enjoy your friends and family.  Find balance in your life.  All of this will help lower your Cortisol levels, which affects your heart health.  And your weight!
  4. Track your heart health with regular visits to your doctor.   Log your exercise with tracking devices.  Consider a food diary which is helpful for keeping us our healthy eating track.