Confused about different Meat Grinds?  Harding’s Markets’ Ground Beef starts with the same Certified Angus Beef you’ve come to expect and love from us.  We then grind this exceptional meat in our stores daily.  The result is the ultimate in ground beef – sure to make the juiciest and most flavorful meal possible!

Breaking down Harding’s Certified Meat Grinds:

Hamburg 73% lean; Ground Beef 80% lean; Ground Chuck 81% lean; Ground Round 85% lean; Ground Sirloin 90% lean; Ground Beef Extra Lean 93% lean. 

Which makes the best hamburgers?  This is certainly a matter of choice, but we favor Ground Chuck.  The 19% fat gives the burger a rich flavor and tender, moist texture. Lower fat Ground Sirloin is a bit dry in burgers, though it will give them a good beef flavor.

The choice is yours, but know you’ll find your favorite grind at your local Harding’s meat counter.