You’re busy.  You’ve worked all day, gotten the kids to soccer practice and back, you’re finally home.  And now, what to cook for dinner.  Sound familiar?  We all want to give our families tasty and nutritious meals but sometimes that is hard during the weekdays.   There are ways to cheat.  Keep veggies stocked and prepped in your refrigerator.  Keep fast cooking grains like Farro or Quinoa on hand.  And purchase pre-cooked roasted chicken or proteins from your Harding’s Deli.  Another really easy option?  Hormel Entrees.  Heat and Eat Ready.  Either serve as is, or create your own meal like this Beef Burrito Bowl with Cilantro Rice using Hormel Beef Roast.  We think your family will like it.  And you’ll have it on the table in under 30 minutes.