It’s that time of the year again….Back to School!  It can be challenging to come up with healthy lunch ideas.  Having a plan for what to pack for lunch will make the school year a whole lot easier and eliminate “lunchbox boredom”.


Just Wrap It!  Any sandwich can be turned into a roll up.  Take their favorite ingredients and roll them into a tortilla instead of bread.  They’re a lot more fun to eat! Kid Style Sushi!  Try the Italian Sub Wrap!

Think Beyond PBJ!  Though nourishing, it can get boring.  Make salads such as Egg Salad,  Grilled Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad at the beginning of the week and give the kids choices.  Put lettuce between the bread (or wrap) and salad to eliminate sogginess.  Kids’ Favorite Tuna Pocket!

From Leftovers to Lunch!  Dinner leftovers are one of the easiest options for lunches!  Plan a couple of weekday dinners that will taste good cold the next day.  Chicken Fingers for Dinner, make a great cold lunch the next day!

Dip It!  Kids love to dip!  Whole Grain crackers, cheese, veggies, fruits are great utensils for eating healthy dips and spreads! Hotdog Fondue anyone?

Homemade Lunchables!  Kids love those fun little prepackaged lunchables.  You can make the healthier and less expensibe.  Buy a couple of partitioned containers and add your own meats, cheeses, crackers and fruit.  Try Lunch on Wheels!

Sensational Salads!  Veggies and leftover grilled meats.  Yogurt and fruit.  Lettuce and fresh veggies.   Add your kids’ favorites.   Cut everything small so that it’s easy to eat and know that they are getting the good nutrition they need to fuel their bodies! Caution.  This Lady Bug Salad is so cute, your children might not want to eat it!  They will love the Shake & Serve Salad!

Healthy Snacks! Trail Mixes, Healthy Cookie Treats and Snack Bars, Fruit Muffins, Fresh Fruit.  Your kids will forget they are eating a healthy snack when you give them this Fruit & Cheese Snack Mix!

HAPPY PLANNING!  And have a wonderful school year!