Here are Eight Good Reasons!

1. It’s Much More Delicious Than Store-Bought!

2. There’s Chemical Flavoring in your 100% Pure OJ!  Even when it says, “100% orange juice,” and the label only has one ingredient (orange juice), the juice is likely to contain added flavorings which manufacturers don’t have to include on the label. (Because the synthetic flavor chemicals were “derived” from oranges). Manufacturers do this to keep the flavor of the juice consistent from batch to batch. After squeezing the oranges, the juice is stored in vats where the oxygen is removed—that prevents the juice from spoiling, but also takes out the flavor, so “flavor packs” are added to the juice. Fresh orange juice, is devoid of “flavor packs,” but contains lots of actual flavor.

3. Fresh OJ contains many beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are supportive to your body’s detoxification pathways.  Fresh OJ Contains Beneficial Enzymes and Other Nutrients that are Destroyed in Pasteurization.  Orange juice contains beneficial antioxidant polyphenols as well as key digestive enzymes— which are destroyed when juice is pasteurized. These nutrients are sensitive to heat and oxidation and break down when exposed to the high temperatures of the pasteurization process in commercial juice production, so manufacturers will add back in vitamin C to compensate for the loss. Fresh OJ is loaded with all those great naturally-occurring antioxidants and enzymes! Plus, while pasteurization is intended to protect against health concerns associated with juice production, raw orange juice naturally possesses antimicrobial properties from the vitamin C, citric acid, and other compounds within it.
4. Fresh OJ contains vitamin C and bioflavanoids, making it a powerful antioxidant source.  Ever wonder why vitamin C is supposed to be so supportive to your immune system? It’s because it increases your white blood cell count—as long as it’s coming from a whole food source. Vitamin C is one of the most major and important antioxidants your body needs for optimal health. Orange juice is a great source for it—especially when it’s raw. Fresh, raw OJ also is rich in bioflavanoids, which are plant pigments that enhance the bioavailability of nutrients such as vitamin C.
5. Orange juice is an anti-aging collagen booster.  Did you know that your body can’t actually assimilate and produce collagen without Vitamin C?  All the gelatin in the world won’t help fill those fine lines and support your skin’s elasticity without adequate vitamin C. The antioxidant vitamin is essential for Collagen production, which is not only good for looking younger, but supporting a healthy digestive system, strong bones & teeth, and more. A Vitamin C supplement isn’t enough because it doesn’t contain the full Vitamin C complex. Getting vitamin C from food sources is ideal, and orange juice has plenty of it.
6. Fresh orange juice is a good source of magnesium and other minerals and vitamins.
Orange juice is a mineral powerhouse. One quart of orange juice contains over 100 milligrams of magnesium! That’s a significant portion of the amount of magnesium you should be getting every day. Magnesium is necessary for the energy your body needs to carry out all of its functions, as well as all your steroidal hormones. Worried about all that sugar you’d be drinking? The magnesium that comes in your OJ is essential for blood sugar regulation and keeps blood glucose levels normalized. Potassium is another key nutrient found plentifully in orange juice. Potassium is involved in regulating both blood sugar and insulin levels. It also determines cellular hydration by keeping sodium in circulation, which regulates water retention and blood volume. Potassium is also vital for carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis, and much more. Raw orange juice also has significant amounts of folate, B-6, thiamin, cholie and Vitamin A.
7. Orange juice supports your adrenals and thyroid.  The many anti-stress nutrients in orange juice act as a support system for your adrenals, thyroid and stress response system. These nutrients are essential in the production and conversion of active thyroid hormone T3. Without them, your thyroid can’t keep up with your body’s hormonal demands, and overall physiological stress is increased. For example, cortisol is supposed to rise in the morning, get you up and ready and hungry to eat a nice big breakfast, and then taper off once your belly is full. But your adrenals can’t produce cortisol or function normally without adequate potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, B vitamins, and other nutrients. You’ll get a nice big dose of those of them in a glass of fresh orange juice!
8. Orange juice contains beneficial natural sugars that lower stress and boost metabolism.
Yes, that’s right—beneficial sugars. The sugar in orange juice provides fuel for every cell in your body to function. If you don’t consume glucose from carbohydrates providing sugars, your body will do whatever it needs to make it itself—including taking protein from your muscle tissue to turn it into that much-needed sugar.  Having adequate glucose intake supports your body’s metabolism in a multitude of ways. When you’re too low in blood sugar, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol skyrocket to damaging levels, because they’re responsible for restoring the sugar to your bloodstream. Sugar in Orange Juice sends the message to your body that, “Hey, we’re good here, stress hormones. You can chill.” Cellular metabolism—the process by which your body produces energy in order to function—is entirely dependent on providing enough fuel to the cells.  The fuel they need most is Glucose, which you get from a orange juice.
Sugary orange juice. It does a body good. So squeeze your own or pop into Harding’s Crossroads in Portage and pick up a bottle of their FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE. http://butterbeliever.com/8-reasons-why-fresh-squeezed-orange-juice-is-the-best/