Harding’s Crossroads and Woodbridge locations in Portage are now carrying Michigan raised & processed, USDA inspected 100%  Grass Fed Beef & Pork!  Certified Organic.  Pastured GMO-Free.   Research shows that Grass Fed Beef actually lowers LDL-Cholesterol Levels!High in Beta-Carotene, linoleic Acid (Champion Cancer Fighter), and 4-times higher in Vitamin E and Omega 3’s.   Do you need more reasons to try it?

How about Money Saving Bundles!  Beef Bundle:  $100 – 27 servings.  From Zimba Farm, family owned in the rich farmland of the thumb.  Ed and Melanie Zimba pride themselves on raising their cattle using rotational grazing practices, supplemented with organic grain and hay, grown right on the farm.  Amish Raised Pork Bundle $80 – 28 servings.  From David Yoder’s Farm, Southwest of Jackson, MI.  His Berkshire and Duroc Hogs are always free of growth hormones and antibiotics.